Smell the flowers

The flowers have bloomed and the beach is around the corner for y'all! If you want to have something unique for your feet the sqwigl sandal is just for you!

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We Bring Color & Sqwigls Into People's Lives.

We are a small studio located currently in Brooklyn NY, that prides themselves on creating unique doodles and patterns that express stories of black femme power. We work on projects with clients that span from animation, pattern design, illustrations and branding. Here is where more of our ideas become more personal to your daily lives!

  • Curls

    The sqwigls of this studio are heavily based on black gal curls and our stories. So the swoops are our symbol and they really mean nothing without intention. collaboration and diversity.

  • Recyclable

    We firmly believe that its important to be sustainable with all of our products. Our cards are 100% recycled and our textiles are eco friendly.

  • Color

    We are focused on color as an ever-changing important aspect of our brand. Bright colors make our customers feel good like they should.

  • Detailed

    We are committed to our customers and paying attention to what they want to see from us! We focus on our growth and our areas of success everyday.